Czech Junior Open (SS)

Czech Junior Open (SS)

About the tournament

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Players information

The draws were published today on You can find it under Draws and results link.

All the players have to register in Hector sport centre during Friday to get a tournament t-shirt and meal vouchers (those who ordered meals). You can go to play your morning match to STEP or Hamr and come to register to Hector afterwards.

Meals are going to be served in Hector sport centre:

Lunch 11:30 - 14:30

Dinner 18:00 - 20:30

There is going to be live internet streaming from court no. 2 in Hector sport centre provided by Link is at top right corner. 

Schedule and times of first matches

Times of first matches and also venues where players will play on Friday can be found here. On Friday GU13, BU11 and BU13 will play in hotel STEP. BU15, GU17, GU19 and BU19 will play in Hector and GU15 and BU17 will play in Hamr. GU11 will start on Saturday in Hector. From Saturday on all the main draws will be played in Hector. Plate rounds will be played in all three venues. The draws are going to be published tomorrow. 

Welcome to Czech junior open 2017 website

The tournament will be played on January 20-22 2017. We are going to use three venues for the tournament - Hector sport centre (5 courts) and Hamr sport centre (7 courts) and Wellness hotel STEP (3 courts). On Friday categories will be divided in between three venues. Some categories will be played in Hector, some in Hamr and the others in STEP. We are finalizing the playing schedule at the moment and we will publish it here as soon as it is ready. From Saturday on all the main draws will be played in Hector (in some categories the plate matches will be played there as well). Most of the plate matches in all the categories will be played in Hamr and STEP from Saturday.

There will be regular shuttle bus transport between hotel and other venues.

The food for those who ordered it will be served in Hector sport centre for the whole duration of the tournament (Friday and Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday lunch).

Tournament partners

Tournament is supported by 

Český squash je finančně podporován Národní sportovní agenturou


Partneři ČASQ

ASB Under Armour Dunlop
Vytvořilo APEX Solutions ve spolupráci s Grafickým studiem SUITABLE.CZ za finanční podpory FotoRobot